Products that bring you right back into your wedding day!

That’s why I choose to care more about the moments of connection than about perfect framing.

You will end up with a gallery and film that give you goose bumps and tears rather than it just being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The editing will be done by me – I do not hire other people to go through my shots and edit them. I look at every photo and videoframe and select the best of what’s been shot. Music will be picked out with great care – it can take up to a day!

I want to make sure every detail is great: from music and sounddesign to color editing.

This will leave you with one-of-a-kind products that bring you right back into your wedding day – even after the day is long gone.

You’ve made it to the investment page! Do the photos and/or films speak to you so much that you want to book me? That makes me feel so humbled!

Per year I take on a maximum of 5 wedding films and 10 photo galleries. This makes me able to deliver the quality I think a Wedding Story should have – the best of the best. This means I will take generous amounts of time to get to know you as a couple and make sure your photos and/or film convey who you are.

You can book me for either filming or photography, or combined!

As you have probably noticed – and hopefully therefore contacted me – my photos and videos are different than most. I think composition is important, but not nearly as important as connection. One can create the most beautifully framed shots that don’t really convey anything. That’s exactly what I do not want for you.

Info & Investment

An Agapè Wedding Story starts from 3000 EUR / 5500 AUD for 8 hours of coverage.

Every couple has their own needs, budget and story, so get in touch with me via the contact form to find out more!



An Agapè Wedding Story starts from 1790 EUR / 4500 AUD.

Every couple has their own needs, budget and story, so get in touch with me via the contact form to find out more!



I'm specialised in destination weddings. I've shot weddings in Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. Are you getting married abroad? Fill in the contact form and I'll send you more information regarding prices and how to go from here. I'd love to hear from you!

destination wedding

Of course. I want to make sure the result is completely you! That’s why there’s a round of feedback included. If you want more changes after the second version, I will be charging more hours.

Can we give feedback after we receive the result?

The Wedding Stories I make are 5-7 minutes long. Over the years I have found this to be the ultimate length to tell a story in a way that’s not too short, yet holds your attention and brings tears to your eyes. The 5-7 minute film is my absolute strength.

How long will the wedding film be?

Like a very enthusiastic friend! But I’m also the person that knows better how to put your dress on – yay for being part of over 60 weddings – and that can tell when you’re stressed and calm you down. Basically I am more than just the videographer or photographer. 
I am known for being unobtrusive: you will get used to me and my camera easily – remember I always capture people that are not used to/comfortable with being in front of a camera! I know when to step forward and when to step back. Except for during the shoot I will not pose you. What I will do is give you guidelines to feel at ease until you stop noticing I’m around.

How do you behave while capturing a wedding?

Yes you can! You can book me for only film or photo, but I would highly recommend booking me for both. This gives a cohesive end result for both photo and video. I work together with the best photographers that know my style who will come with me to photograph the wedding. Then the editing will be done by me. It not only makes the style of photos and the video cohesive, it will also ensure a good cooperation between the photographer and videographer so we can both do our work in the best way possible.

Can we book you for both photo and film?

Those are my specialisation! I have shot weddings in France, Italy, New Zealand and Australia.

Do you do destination weddings?

The weddings where I can serve you best are non-traditional and completely you. I love the couples that dare to be different. The couples that get married outside in winter, or barefoot in their backyard with chickens running around. Outside weddings with lots of green are my absolute favourite. I love it when you dare to be different!

What is your favourite kind of wedding to capture?

Do you have more questions?
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Definitely! The first time I saw my photos in print I got a whole new view of my photos – can you believe it? I couldn’t. Photos come to live when you hold them in your own hands.
I order my albums at Dutch Ink Albums. This is a company that does everything by hand to ensure the best quality.

Can we order photo albums with you?

When it comes to music, I ask you to trust me completely. I will definitely take your favourite music style into account – but I think a videographer should always do that.
Without music almost any film completely falls apart and I can spend up to a day choosing the right music. I get a lot of couples that are in the music industry and they always love the outcome! And of course, if you don’t like the music after receiving the film, we’ll try something else.

Music is super important to us, do we have influence on what music you use?

Photos are delivered within two months and a wedding film within three months. And to help your excitement you’ll receive previews and teasers within the first week after your wedding already.

How long does it take until the product is delivered?

Yes you can! It is possible to book a 20-minute documentary film as an add-on to the package.

Can I get a longer film?

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