Visual art that brings you right back into your wedding day

That’s why we choose to care more about the moments of connection than about perfect framing.

You will end up with an Agapè Wedding Experience that give you goose bumps and tears rather than it just being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The editing will be done by us. We look at every shot and select the ones that best captivate your story. For film the music will be picked out with great care – it can take up to two days! For photos we hand pick every single one and color grade them piece by piece. Heart and soul goes into everything we deliver, because we want to make sure every detail is great and suiting to who you are as a couple.

This will leave you with soul-filling art that goes straight to the heart – even after the wedding day is long gone.

The moment where it all comes together is when you watch your Wedding Film on the big screen - we will make sure there's a cinema ready for you and your guests. As you settle into the comfy chairs, let the Agapè Wedding Experience take you back to those wonderful, and gone-way-too-quick days of your wedding.

Per year we take on a maximum of 5 weddings. This makes us able to deliver the quality we think a Wedding Story should have – the best of the best. This means we will take generous amounts of time to get to know you as a couple and make sure your Film and Photos convey who you are.

As you have probably noticed our photos and films are different than most. We think composition is important, but not nearly as important as connection. That's where the experience starts.

curious what we can do for you?

Husband and wife team!

There's nothing like an experienced husband-and-wife team. We know each other through and through and work together well to create the best of the best for you. If your wedding stretches over several days and with many guests, we bring other people onto the team that are completely settled into the Agapè style. All the editing will be done by Lauri and Peter.

Agapè Wedding experience


Interested in Wedding Film and Photography by Agapè Stories? Get in touch with us and we'll discuss the options based on your needs.

We're specialised in international weddings. We've shot weddings from Scotland and Italy, to France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. Chinese tea ceremonies, dragon dances, Malaysian toasts and Nigerian parties: there's little chance we don't know your culture. Let us know your wishes and we'll make sure to create a memory for you to never forget!

Of course. We want to make sure the result is completely you! That’s why there’s one round of feedback included. If you want more changes after the second version, we will be charging more hours.

Can we give feedback after we receive the result?

An Agapè Wedding Films is 5-7 minutes long. Over the years we have found this to be the ultimate length to create a captivating, mesmerizing experience for you that you'll want to watch for the rest of your life. Of course there's also the option of ordering a Wedding Documentary Film should you want to see more of the speeches etc.

As for photos, quality always goes before quantity, but you can sleep safe and sound knowing that there will be at least 50 photos per hour that we were present on your big day.

What's the lengt of the film? Or the amound of photos?

We're somewhere in between a guest and a fly on the wall. And not only are we your video/photographer. We have experience with over 120 weddings and know everything there is to know about them – we can help you with your dress or bow tie, tell when you’re stressed and calm you down or offer help when your dress and the toilet aren't a friendly combination. Anything you need! 
We are known for being unobtrusive: you will get used to us and our cameras easily – remember we always capture people that are not used to/comfortable with being in front of a camera! We know when to step forward and when to step back. Unless we see you get uncomfortable or awkward, we will not pose you during the shoot - and not at all during the rest of the day. What we will do is give you guidelines to feel at ease until you stop noticing we're around.

How do you behave while capturing a wedding?

Yes! In fact, we strive to only do the combination for each wedding, because that way we can make sure that you have a team that works well together (we are able to ask more team members to join us for your wedding) and that the vision for both the Film and Photography aligns. 

Can we book you for both photo and film?

Those are my specialisation! I have shot weddings in France, Italy, New Zealand and Australia.

Do you do destination weddings?

The weddings where I can serve you best are non-traditional and completely you. I love the couples that dare to be different. The couples that get married outside in winter, or barefoot in their backyard with chickens running around. But most importantly, my favorite kind of couple is the one who goes for quality and connection.

What is your favourite kind of wedding to capture?

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Definitely! There is nothing like tangibly holding your photos and seeing the quality up close. Photos come to life when you hold them in your own hands.
We order our albums at Dutch Ink Albums. This is a company that does everything by hand to ensure the best quality.

Can we order photo albums with you?

With music and our creative style such as color grading in the photos, we ask you to trust us completely. We will always deliver the Agapè Style. When it comes to music, we will definitely take your favourite music style into account – but when we have complete creative freedom, we can create something unfathomable for you.
We get a lot of couples that are in the music industry and they always love the outcome! 

Music and creative style is super important to us, do we have influence on what music you use?

Photos are delivered within three months and a wedding film within four months. And to help your excitement you’ll receive previews and teasers within the first week and first months after your wedding already.

How long does it take until the product is delivered?

Yes you can! It is possible to book a 30-minute documentary film.

Can I get a longer film?