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In my opinion that's what marriage - and life in general - is about. Love is seen in connection. And that's exactly what I capture: connection. In its most genuine and authentic form.

Agapè is Greek (ἀγάπη) for 'the highest form of love, seen as selfless'.


Illiana & Liam

We are in awe. I laughed, I cried, I gasped. You captured everything and fit it in perfectly. You took the stories that made up the day and wove them into a cinematic work of art. You are truly gifted. We cannot thank you enough!

Kezzia & Jacob

We honestly cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us. From coming early and keeping me calm to working with the wind and directing us so clearly, we were honoured to have you photograph our crazy day.

Kathleen & Matthew

It always kind of repulsed me, a product that seemed only to sell how impressive their filming positioning and quality cameras were. And then Agapè Stories was discovered. For the first time I had witnessed not only something great - but also connected, deep and truly gifted. There was no ego, no layer of pretence... this hit me and it hit me hard. I will cherish this work with my wife for the length of life itself.

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Robyn & Efosa

You made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. We knew we could trust your creativity and could feel your genuine love for your job and people. Very rare in the wedding industry.

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Kathleen & Matthew