You'll understand all the options and buttons in Adobe Première Pro, with the possibility to use the knowledge in other software

You'll know everything from creating a folder structure to a start in Storytelling

You'll have a structured way of working on your edit,
never losing a clip or audio again!

You'll be ready to take the next step to Storytelling

After this course...

BAsics of editing


Have you ever opened professional editing software, just to become overwhelmed and close it straightaway?
It can be a lot!

That's why I've created an easy-to-follow, online course to help you create videos without the technical headache! Become confident with professional editing software to create the videos you've been dreaming of.

You are already very familiar with the technical side of editing

You are not willing to spend money on professional editing software

You only want to learn about Storytelling and not technical Editing

Geralien Leusink

Ik vind het echt super leerzaam, thanks! Ik heb de opdrachten uitgevoerd en oefen veel met de door jou gegeven tips. Ik ben echt blij dat ik hieraan mee heb gedaan. Super goed bezig!

Gerke de Graaf

Toffe cursus! Veel geleerd en de video's zijn leuk om te kijken. Mooie, overzichtelijke feed. Handig zo via Instagram!

Anne, Anneneijens

Ik heb alle info toegepast in mijn nieuwe video opdrachten! Super duidelijk en ben er heel blij mee! Zo de laatste module kijken en dan heb ik 'm helemaal afgerond.

This course is not for you if...

The course exists of 7 chapters, divided into lessons.

course structure

opbouw van de cursus

Color grading! What's a video without the right colors?
what are the steps before color grading and how do I apply LUTs?

Editing! What do the different panels mean, what is a workspace, what are the shortcuts and how do i troubleshoot?

How do I set up my editing project once I've prepared everything? what settings do I use for my sequences?

How do I get from loose clips to a structured folder system to keep an overview?

What do I need for this course?






a valuable bonus: an insight into the world of storytelling. what's the effect of storytelling, how do I apply some storytelling techniques as a beginner?

Exporting your video. there's so many different options: what are the right settings? And how do I create a more cinematic look?



A laptop or computer! Make sure you have a computer that can handle a bit of heavy work;
at least 8GB RAM memory.

Editing software, preferably Première Pro. This is an industry-leading software and this is where the course will explained in. Other possibilities are Final Cut Pro or Davinci Resolve with the Première Pro keyboard import. Keep in mind that in other softwares I won't have the possibility to help you as much.

Some shots that you can create a video with! What about the shots that you filmed in the Basics of Editing Course if you joined that?

What do I need?


Access to the online course with 7 chapters divided into 23 lessons

Videos and screen recordings explaining everything
in detail in the online course

Clearly explained and detailed knowledge about
 editing in Première Pro (or an equivalent)

61 days of access so you can stick at your own pace!

A certificate of completion

What do I get?



Out of the box-thinker

Not afraid of openness and vulnerability


A little crazy (aren't we all?)


Lauri Miriam
van Bodegraven

About me

Let's Go!

And I know the insecurities: at first everything seems too big, you're not sure of what you're doing and there's already so many incredible filmmakers around.

How can you make a difference? You want to, but you don't know how. It seems like a far-away land. Isn't it better to just forget about it? 

Wrong. Making my dream a reality is the best decision I've ever made. Fear isn't a bad thing if you don't let it stop you. And this is the first step! What's stopping you?

I have shot weddings all over the world (Netherlands, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand) and I'm named in top ten lists of videographers in the world. some of my videos have gone viral, were published on big blogs or have 250K views on YouTube.

But 5 years ago I had no clue. I hardly knew anything about cameras and I never could have dreamed of running Agapè Stories and The Storytelling Agency. I have been where you are. I know what it's like having dream and wanting to work towards it. 

about me

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61 days of access | An online Learning Management System
7 chapters | including a valuable bonus about storytelling.



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vat included


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