Let's focus on connection
instead of perfection!

To be upfront with you: I am not your average wedding filmmaker and photographer. I do not carry around heaps of cameras and lenses, I do not really care about perfect composition and I do not pose you 80% of the time.

So what do I do?
I capture intimate weddings, from The Netherlands to Australia and New Zealand. If you're the kind of couple that cares more about who's on the wedding than how many people are on the wedding, and if your love for each other is more important than the styling: I am your girl.

about me

Photo: Claudia Verloop

I have two small tattoos and secretly want a third of a really big lion. On my hip. Sorry mum.

Unlike most creatives, I am very much a morning person.

I am highly sensitive and high sensation seeker. Which makes me able to both capture the small moments well and be all present on your wedding day.

I am both a city and nature lover.

I'm a Dutchie and proud of it, but I secretly dream
of living in another country

I LOVE traveling. If your wedding takes place somewhere outside of your or my natural habitat, don't hesitate to contact me!

I am a follower of Jesus. That also means I do NOT exclude anyone.

My full name is Lauri Miriam van Bodegraven.









fun facts

I mostly work in Europe and Sydney (and Australia in general). Why? 

Europe because I am Dutch and have traveled all over Europe. It is so diverse; every country brings something different - from the wild Scottish nature to romantic Italian cities. I love filming destination weddings in Europe and it is easy for me to get anywhere from The Netherlands!

Sydney because I chose it as my second home. I have lived in Australia for over two years and there is no place I’d rather be. For the time being I travel to Sydney (and sometimes New Zealand) once or twice a year - usually around Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov - to capture more weddings. And one day I might even move there permanently, who knows! 
And until then, Aussies, shoot me a message to see if I’ll be around for your wedding!


Photo: Hind Mari

So that's my story, what's yours?

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