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Not your average filmmakers or photographers. And this is not an average experience.

We get it. You’ve looked forward to your wedding for months, maybe even years. So much thought has gone into it.. And you’ll be surrounded by people that are looking at you, with emotions going everywhere.

And you want to remember all of it.

Did you know that wedding films and photos mostly decide how you're going to remember your wedding day the rest of your life?

So how do you want to remember it?

We don't take on more than 5 weddings a year. Quality is the most important thing to us. You put a lot of effort and time into your wedding, and we want to make sure the visual memories are the best flashback you could ever think of.

we're lauri and peter...

"You made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. We knew we could trust your creativity and could feel your genuine love for your job and people. Very rare in the wedding industry."

Robyn & Efosa

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Robyn & Efe

We're both born as Dutchies. But the world feels too big and exciting to be stuck in one place. When Lauri was 18, she moved to Sydney, Australia. It was her home for 2.5 years and her love for traveling was even more intense after that.

Peter's first ever travel outside of Europe was India, follow by Nigeria... just to paint a picture of how much he loves adventure.

We mostly work abroad - from Scotland to New Zealand, nothing's too exotic! Europe and Australia are our specialties.

We have seen lots of cultures, from Asian tea ceremonies to Nigerian dance parties, and know how to adapt. There's little chance we have no clue of the culture you're bringing us in to


Photo: by one of our brides who offered to take a picture of us when we did an after-wedding shoot with them ;)

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a little space to breathe while looking at pretty pictures


By now you'll probably realise visual storytelling isn't just our job. It's woven into us. It's the way we look at the world - everything we experience and think, we translate into visuals. 

And we love having beauty around us. Do not mistake that for perfection though. For us, beauty is mostly found in imperfection, vulnerability and rawness. It's in journaling on a rainy day, It's the things that that allow us to connect with the world and people around us.

Our family and friends me call me driven, authentic, practical and a little crazy at times. the good kind though ;) 

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