What editing software do I use?

How do I become more confident with filming the right shots?

What are the ins and outs of my editing software?

How do I tell a story, even if I'm not an expert at filming yet?

Questions you have...


A 1-day individual workshop for anyone who just learned the basics of filming and wants to dive deeper.

personal mentoring

Whenever you like | 1 - on - 1 mentor session
Including lunch  |  In Utrecht, The Netherlands



varying from 550 - 1950 EUR  |  VAT not included



practical information


Out of the box thinker

Not afraid to get real


A little crazy


Lauri Miriam
van Bodegraven

The speaker

Let's make a start together and create some awesomeness!

​I have once been at the stage of looking at someone else's film and getting overwhelmed because it looked so good and I thought I could never do that. Or opening Premiere Pro (the editing software) and freaking out because it looked so difficult.

What you need is someone to help you get started. So, I'm here to set your mind at ease and help you out.

I have shot all over the world (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Tibet, China, Indonesia, India and so on) and have been named in top ten lists of best videographers in the world. Some of my videos went viral, got published on prestigious blogs and others have 200.000 views.

But 5 years ago I had no clue.

more about the speaker

Naäma, Lovely Creations

The structure was great. Lauri takes the lead, has a format ready and finds out what knowledge you already have, to make the sessions suited for you personally. There was a good variety of theory and practice and the atmosphere is relaxed which learning and questioning pleasant. Lauri has a lot of knowledge that she can translate very well. If you have the option to do it, definitely go for it!

The workshop has been such a great step in developing as a videographer! Lauri has no secrets, you can ask her anything. Because of the personal approach I knew what I came there to learn and the workshop was full of information. It wasn't only informative, but also inspiring and motivating. I couldn't wait to get started afterwards!

Luc, Manenschijn Media

I was sceptical and even nervous because of the big investment, but I'm happy I made the choice to do it.  Depending on your attitude, this workshop can lead to a lot of success.
The tips about videography are good; the tips about entrepreneurship were even better. It's extremely valuable to talk with a videographer who's at a level that you want to be at yourself. It feels like you get the inside information people normally keep to themselves.

Irene, The Storyteller NL

This workshop is such a good investment! Lauri explains things in a very simple and clear way which makes the workshop easy to follow. We went through all the basic settings and we put it into practice too. Lauri is a good teacher who is not afraid to get vulnerable. Knowing that everybody starts somewhere, that made me feel really at ease!


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