This is only for the people who want to grow.
A 4-day, all-inclusive storytelling workshop 
in the Netherlands for both professional
and hobby filmmakers.

This is only for the people who want to grow.
A 4-day, all-inclusive storytelling workshop in the Netherlands 
for both professional and hobby filmmakers.

advanced storytelling


A filmmaker/photographer with (basic) knowledge of filming and editing?

Who feels their films can be so much more than just a bunch of nice shots with nice music?

Do you want to captivate people with your films?

Do you want to get the creativity and enthusiasm back in your work?

Are you...

Draw and keep the viewer's attention in a video?

Let the viewer feel the emotion of the couple?

Find my own filming and editing style?

Stay unobtrusive while getting close?

Choose the right music?

How do I...


Out of the box thinker

Not afraid to get real


A little crazy


Lauri Miriam
van Bodegraven

The speaker

Are you ready?

I filmed my first wedding 5 years ago. It was overexposed, contained one song in the whole video, had no audio in it and the whole thing was chronologically edited - but I absolutely loved doing it. Now, after years of putting all of my time and effort into becoming a storyteller, I have figured out my own style and people love it.

So that's what I wish for you too! To have someone on your side that can inspire you with the process of storytelling. It will allow you to get creative in a way you never have before - no film you make will ever be the same, and the editing will become more fun!

I don't care about perfect compositions or styling. I dare to say that's why I have shot weddings all over the world (Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand) and have been named in top ten lists of best videographers. Some of my videos went viral, got published on prestigious blogs and others have 200.000 views.

That sounds like I'm just saying it to draw your attention, but it's true. Storytelling makes my films different from all other wedding films out there. And I want to teach you how to do that. How to leave the opinions of 'what a wedding film should look like' behind and follow your own instinct, away from all the rules.

more about the speaker

It was a Thursday night at 19:30. A group of filmmakers came together on the beautiful borders of France and Belgium. They wanted to create from their souls instead of be insecure about how to create something different.
Saturday afternoon Melissa told me "I expected it to be good, but it's 20x better." That was the moment I realised I have more than just knowledge to share. I have the ability to help people bloom.  I have seen the fears, the insecurities, the motivation and the potential. You have it in you. Allow yourself to find it. If you want it, you've got it in you. There's too many filmmakers making chronological edits with nice music underneath it. We need something different. We need storytellers. Are you ready to let me show you how?

Why should you
join this workshop?

The motivation

I am not experienced enough for this workshop

The investment is too big

Storytelling doesn't make that much of a difference

Did any of these thoughts just pop yp...

None of these are true!
Read what the attendees think:

Albart, Share Foto & Videografie

Thanks to Lauri’s openness and vulnerability I was able to learn that, by small adjustments and a ‘can do’-attitude, you can get way more out of your footage than you think. The skills and theory I learned make me able to set myself apart from others. The investment is well worth it.

A long weekend with 6 people created space for everyone to get to know each other instead of just learning. The openness stayed the whole weekend. There was room for humor, but also to share your insecurities. The 1-on-1 mentor session was more than good. It gave space to ask any question I wanted, and I learned some truly valuable things.

Peggy, Peggy's Content

This workshop helped me get rid of all my insecurities and doubts in one weekend. The atmosphere was beautiful, and there was a good structure in the programme to go from a chronological and boring edit to exciting, unexpected and still logical and sense-making films.

I have now raised my prices and customers are still happy with my work. And they have less feedback on it!

Carlissa, Wieiscarlissa

The workshop is everything you would  expect, but then even more. Lauri takes you into her process and thoughts and the way she tells the story of a couple. She gives really practical tips that bring progression in your own process straightaway.

Are you not sure if you should join the workshop? Stop hesitating! Book it, now! And the price? More than realistic. Next to the amazing food, location and drinks; the worth of the knowledge, practical part and Lauri's approach is actually worth way more.

Melissa, Jippey Media

I have learned way more than I expected. From meeting the couple to building a story in your film. Lauri explained the theory very clearly, which she is really good at, also because she has a lot of experience with storytelling. And putting everything into practice straightaway made me able to remember all the knowledge we received.

Lauri was very open and patient! No question was too much and she took a lot of time to help us. Because of this workshop I have discovered what I really love to make and that gives me the motivation to keep doing this amazing job.

Frone, Frone Fotografeert

No question is too much for Lauri. I wanted to learn how you can tell every story in a captivating and beautiful way, from the start to the finish of the filming process. I’ve learned so much about every aspect of making films, for example how much detail goes into it that you wouldn’t notice at first sight.

She’s patient and she is an open book. In addition, everything at the workshop was really well organised, from the styled shoot to the food and accommodation. I would definitely recommend it, it’s so worth the money!


I will try to answer any question you have on technical issues and how I handle them. This is a topic that will not be covered in any group part, but technical settings are always something that come up. However, if you do not have basic knowledge of technical settings, the Basics Workshop (LINK NAAR BASICS WORKSHOP) or Online Course (LINK NAAR ONLINE COURSE) might be something you want to attend first.

Can I ask basic technical questions?

If you have filmed and edited (in Premiere or Final cut Pro) before and know how to handle your camera and shots, then you're more than welcome!

I'm not a professional, but I do want to learn how to tell a captivating story. Is this workshop for me?

During the 3 days you have a mentor session with me that you can fill in the way you want - also if that's about business (marketing, finances etc)! The group part of this workshop is solely focused on storytelling. There is so much to share about this topic that there will be little time for other topics.

Will we be covering the business side of filmmaking?

If you've filmed and edited (in Premiere or Final Cut Pro) before, this workshop is also for you!

I am a photographer and want to do more with film. Is this workshop for me?

I also apply storytelling to my branding shoots, events, families and a lot more, so I can give you examples on any situation. Stories can be found everywhere! I'd even say you're not acting on your full potential if you don't know how to tell a story in everything you film. So let this workshop bring out the potential in you on every aspect of filming.

I don't film weddings, is this workshop for me?

Definitely! Everything is very hands-on. I don't believe in only listening to the teacher. We will be doing a bit of theory and then a lot of filming and editing. You'll go home with a practically finished captivating, storytelling film and a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge on how to do it differently from now on!

Will we be filming in this workshop?


4-day workshop  |  5- 8 November 2020
6 exclusive spots  |  1-on-1 mentor sessions
Including all meals  |  gorgeous location in The Netherlands



EARLY BIRD (until 31 July 2020)  |  2100 EUR
REGULAR  |  2500 EUR
VAT not included
Payment in three terms possible!


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