Visual art that brings you right back into your wedding day

Your love is the source from where truly, madly, deeply springs. What makes I do’s become ‘of course’ or ‘hell yeah’. This is exactly what we capture. The essence of your love.

All of your most meaningful moments are composed into a breathtaking tale that can only be told by you. A love story so out of this world that it deserves its own private movie theatre screening. Exclusively for you and your loved ones. Because your love celebration did not stop on your wedding night - oh, hell no - it just began. It marks your new beginning. Together, as one. 

Because pure love is not always loud, or all over the place. It flows through the details of the lives we live. It’s the true inspiration behind all the grand gestures and Hollywood spectacles. It is stolen kisses in between dawn and dusk. Calling each other weird names, making it a competition who texts first. Getting him coffee, keeping her safe. Pillow talk after midnight. Dream Team high fives. 

But we don’t have to tell you this. 
You already know.

In the eyes of your beloved

Husband and wife team!

There's nothing like an experienced husband-and-wife team. We know each other through and through and work together well to create the best of the best for you. If your wedding stretches over several days and with many guests, we bring other people onto the team that are completely settled into the Agapè style. All the editing will be done by Lauri and Peter.

Agapè Wedding experience


Interested in Wedding Videography and Photography by Agapè Stories? Get in touch with us and we'll discuss the options based on your needs.

We're specialised in international weddings. We've shot weddings from Scotland and Italy, to France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. Chinese tea ceremonies, dragon dances, Malaysian toasts and Nigerian parties: there's little chance we don't know your culture. Let us know your wishes and we'll make sure to create a memory for you to never forget!