Dutch meadows at sunrise and the canals of Amsterdam! This was the most Dutch shoot I have ever done. and then to think it was with an Aussie couple, my favorite people in the world! A few weeks ago I got such a sweet email from Madi explaining how she and her newlywed husband Dave were taking their wedding clothes with them on an around-the-world honeymoon. In a lot of the cities they’re visiting they’ve contacted photographers and they asked me to photograph them in The Netherlands! As I showed them around our country they actually helped me appreciate my own country more. I'm a fan of traveling for a reason, I have never been very much in love with The Netherlands. But with sentences like 'was game of thrones filmed here?' and 'it's like gingerbread houses' I renewed my appreciation for this small and flat country. So not only thank you for your trust, but also thank you for your fresh perspective Madi and Dave!

amsterdam, netherlands
November 24, 2019

amsterdam, netherlands   |   November 24, 2019

madi & dave

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